Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Denver and Meth Heads...

Please take a moment to read the article below:

Sweet. These racist retards were having a jolly old time with their meth in the hotel LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MY OFFICE!!!!!

Awesome. So when Denver gets a world spotlight, all we have to show is a bunch of idiotic protesters and three bu**wipes (See pictures!) who want to assassinate a candidate because of the color of his skin, jump out of 6th floor windows and do drugs.

Way to go, Colorado.

Friday, August 15, 2008


So... guess what? I hate my job. Want to know why?????

I basically work for a flat rate that I am paid by UBS, then the brokers I work for supplement my income out of their production so that my salary sort of depends on how well I do to support my brokers and their clients. That's how it’s supposed to work anyway.

Yesterday one of my brokers calls me into his office to talk. He asks me to come up with a proposal on my own to present to him, detailing the amount I think I deserve to be paid and my goals to accomplish for HIM this quarter. He stipulates that because I “have not been myself” that I should be paid a little less, and also that two weeks is a reasonable amount to be absent from work in a calendar year- including BOTH vacation time and sick time.

UBS gives us three weeks vacation, plus 2 personal days, and 8 sick days. And if I take those days… I will be paid less??!?! Um, no. Not ok.

I tried telling him WHY I don’t agree with quarterly income (it should be monthly), why I don’t agree with being penalized for taking the vacation time I have earned, and why I disagree with being penalized simply because “I haven’t been myself”. He didn’t listen to a word I said, then when I brought up his LAST assistant he said paying her well “was a mistake”. His words. Not mine. She would love that.

Keep in mind none of this has to do with how I treat his clients, how fast I get projects done and how good I am at what I do. Maybe I should start sucking at my job. Or win the lottery. Or go talk to my manager (who is his best friend…). Or kidnap his dog. Seriously… better ideas?

Breathe…. Relax. Breathe… relax. ACK!!!!!!!!