Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump Day Thoughts

A few little thoughts for you while I am sitting here at work waiting to go home again.


Give it up for everyone's favorite, public humiliation. One of the most humiliating things EVER happened to me yesterday. In fact it was so bad that I am not even going to tell you all what happened. I told Alex, and maybe Ashlie via secure email. Anyway, maybe I filled my quota for the year. Here's hoping.


(See Utube for video) Giving blood has always been easy- up til today. I started sweating SO much it was like I had ran about 3 miles. I was covered! Apparently I had low blood pressure after they finished draining my life-juice, so I had to lay down and drink juice. What a wimp. At least I got a REALLY cool tee-shirt for FREE! Aren't you jealous?


And on another note, clients/people at work sometimes RAISE my blood pressure. I made a few pictures for you to see how I relieve my stress when I could punch someone in the face. Enjoy.
(PS in case you are slow, thats me eating and spraying clients with fire.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


"Lost". Good show. Especially the first few seasons- can't say much about the rest since I haven't seen them!

I just watched an episode where "Hurley", the coolest guy by FAR on the show, has a crush on "Libby", a maybe-psycho-girl who is pretending to be a psychologist (but then she dies and we will never know...). Anyways, Hurley struggles with being overweight even after being stranded on an island for months, mainly because he stole food for a private stash and hid it in the jungle. He tearfully confesses this to Libby, who goes with him to the stash and helps him pour out everything so that he won't be tempted by it. (A little strange considering there are other hungry people around… eh.) AS SOON AS THIS HAPPENS, there is an air-drop of a ton MORE food from seemingly nowhere. Libby jokes that the island doesn't want him to succeed in losing weight.

Um, am I on that freaking island? Seriously. Take today for example… I come in to work planning on a banana for breakfast and maybe some cottage cheese. Then one wholesaler comes in with five buckets of bagels and cream cheese, then another wholesaler brings in "duffy rolls"- almost like a crispy cinnamon roll. (OH I AM NOT DONE…) Then there is leftover cake in the fridge, and another wholesaler brings in KFC for lunch- plus my boss offers to buy me a snack downstairs at our café. Luckily I didn’t eat that stuff- other than the snack from the café- but that was only because I felt so guilty about the dinner I had last night.

Ack. Maybe life is a constant "when-you-feel-strong-watch-out-there's-a-trap!" I'd really like to get off this rollercoaster… and I am trying. Any advice?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Need a New Horn For My Honda.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A roundabout is a type of road junction at which traffic enters a one-way stream around a central island. In the United States it is technically called a modern roundabout, to emphasize the distinction from the older, larger type of traffic circle.
Overall, roundabouts are statistically safer than both traffic circles and traditional intersections,
[1] with the exception that cyclists have a significantly increased crash rate at large roundabouts. Roundabouts do not cope as well with the traffic on motorways, highways, or similar fast roads.

APPARENTLY, most of America has missed this memo.

Welcome to driving 101 for the public.

Now, most of the time I can let small things go- like cutting in line at the grocery store. Mostly because small annoyances don't happen to me every day. Sure they get on my nerves a little bit but I don't feel like punching my hand through my driver's side window. ROUND-A-BOUTS on the other hand make me flippin CRAZY!

There is one in front of my office building. Desirous as I am of avoiding it, I can't. Unless it’s a weekend and I am not at work. Picture this… two lanes come up to a round-a-bout. The right-hand lane has a yield sign.

Time out-

Yield sign

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In road transport, a yield (Canada, Ireland, and the United States) or give way (many[weasel words] Commonwealth countries) traffic sign indicates that a driver of a vehicle must slow down and prepare to stop if necessary (usually while merging into traffic on another road) but does not need to stop if there is no reason to. A driver who has actually stopped in this situation is said to have yielded the right-of-way to through traffic on the main road. In contrast, a stop sign always requires a full stop.

Ok, do we understand YIELD now? Moving on…

EVERY SINGLE DAY- the car in the right lane tries to enter the round-a-bout first and cut right in front of me, narrowly missing my bumper every time. THEN, I get the "finger", or the "LOOK". I swear every time I get the "look" I want to throw the car in park, pull the person out of their car and break both of their arms so they can't drive for a while and give them a number to a driving school.

The other day I had to SLAM on my brakes to miss a car that shot out in front of me from another entrance on the round-a-bout coming from the Hyatt. Almost smashed his car in half. And you know what? It wouldn’t be my fault Mr. I-AM-TOO-IMPORTANT-TO-OBEY-TRAFFIC-RULES!!! Maybe next time I'll temporarily forget my brakes and just make a pretty little dent in your Mercedes-Benz. Now wouldn’t that be sad. Maybe your insurance company would pay your way through driving school.

Ok, I am done, the more I talk about this the more pent-up frustration is coming out my nostrils. GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Until next time! :O)