Monday, October 12, 2009

The Trifecta

Bosco- and the Turducken. Also known as the chew toys chicken, duck, and turkey.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lord has heard our pleas... cooler weather returns to the South!! Amen.

Yes- the weather is becoming nice once again. This morning at the park Trent and I could close our eyes and almost imagine we were in Colorado... getting ready for the incline and some huevos rancheros. **Sigh**.

MY big news... Trent and I ran 30 miles this week! Woohoo! I don't know what prompted the total- and it was a bit hard to get the miles in- but we did it! On Friday, though, we ate at a critically-aclaimed Thai restaurant for lunch. You know, giving it a shot. It was ok... but I decided upon leaving that I didn't care to ever go back. After a few hours we went running (needed to make the 30)- which was a HUGE mistake. Not even a mile in to the woods my chest started hurting SO bad it felt like a knife was stuck in my sternum. I'd stop, breathe, cry, and keep going (I had NOT wanted to have to run again that day...). Needless to say it was the worst run ever. And even though other people on the trail saw me crying, bent over, NOT ONE PERSON stopped to ask me if I was ok. Maybe they see this thing all the time? That's not very nice, in my opinion. But I made it. After a few Tums and a glass of milk I was fine, other than the wounded pride. I don't think I have ever had acid that bad... I can't even remember the last time I needed Tums!! It really hadn't felt like indigestion, but I guess that painful sensation happens to some people.

*****Don't eat at Toi's Touch of Thai. Yuck!*****

Now Bosco's news. We took him to Eufala this weeked for a lunch BBQ. We thought we'd save the boat for later... just try to get him used to swimming. He had no problem, however! He made straight for the lake and went on in- swimming and playing fetch for a few hours. He was so tired when we got him home, and he was passed out way before bedtime. Silly puppy. Next time we will take the boat... Bosco couldn't help going to make friends with everyone else who was there to BBQ as well. :)

*****See below, he apparently has to coat himself in sand and waller around on the beach before swimming again.******

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Adding to the family...

So, we have a new addition!! Bosco Elwood, or Bosco, joined us the beginning of September. He is already growing- our last vet visit was 15 pounds. Before we know it he is going to be quite a large dog, so we are doing our best to train him now. Still on the short attention span side... but it's never too early.

AND, we got him a turducken to play with! Well, actually a chicken toy, a duck toy, and a turkey toy. The circle is complete. He loves the heck out of those toys. When we came home from getting the turkey toy I acted like it was MY chew-toy, but Bosco started to take it from me right away. Apparently, he doesn't think anyone else should get chew-toys. Hmm.

We have high hopes for the little guy. :o)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's the time?

"Diaper time!!!!" (Anyone know what that's from???)
Well, no. Not really diaper time... but time for Hannah to actually POST something to her blog. I'm gonna tell you now, not the best post. But something is something. So there.
"Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free."
Literally. We have a client in town with a LOT of peaches. So... a ton of free peaches? Besides a refreshing summer drink- I made a pie!! And a cobbler, but that didn't turn out really. See picture below. FIRST pie as a wife. Well, other than pumpkin pie- which really anyone can do. So, first REAL pie. Ta da!
(Trent said one of his best tasting pies. I'd agree- but then again I DID grow up in a very pie-less home.)
See very cheesey expression. I do this well. FYI.

And just for laughs... see very `BAMA truck below. Nice confederate flag... hmmm. Also very nice bumper sticker proclaiming the love of farting. How nice. Which the world was full of more people like this gentleman. Oh wait. No- that was a lie...

More to come when I get my act together and can blog about a decent subject. Any ideas? Thoughts?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recession or not...

THESE are always in style.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stateism and Gators


definition according to ME:
1. Believing one state is superior to another.
2. Prejudices against particular states.

I have it. I'm trying not to. I realize there are many good things and bad things about each state. For instance, Alabama. Mobile is pretty nice. And so is Gulf Shores. BUT...

It really DOES seem like every time I think it's "going to be ok here" something crazy happens. Here is the most recent "for instance".

(You have to imagine this in your BEST deep south accent, okay?)

Enter Hannah to Wal-Mart. Walking through produce, thinking to herself about the items she needs. She overhears a conversation between two women in said produce aisle.

Woman 1: "What is THAT?!?"
Woman 2: "Why, I think that's soy sauce!"
W 1: "In the produce section? That don't make no sense!"
W 2: "No it don't. And look- the name on it says 'POM'. That's no name for soy sauce..."
W 1: "Funny. Wonder why Wal-Mart's puttin that thar."

This really happened. And in case you didn't pick up on what they were talking about- it was Pom- Pomegranate juice. Awesome.

I really am not trying to make this blog ONLY about why you SHOULDN'T live here- but there are just so many good stories...


I saw my first one this weekend in Lake Eufala! We were pretty close- it sunk into the water and swam off when we got too close in the boat, but still really neat. Look- see? Caught it on camera.

Ok- that's all for now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle, Again...

So, back in the saddle again. I have a job- basically doing the same thing I used to at UBS just now at Jones. There are a few differences, however...

-all the free pop I can drink
-a lot more client interaction
-a lot less $$$

But a job is a job, and in this area I am really lucky to have found something in my "field". I also might have some great stories to share- there are quite a few characters in this town.

In other news... my face is almost done peeling. We went to an air show in Florida last weekend and I really underestimated how much sunscreen I would need. So- when I got home I looked like a clown. My face was all red except for the parts around my eyes where my sunglasses covered. Thank GOODNESS for makeup!!

***It also turns out Trent learned that the sunglasses industry isn't regulated- they can put "100% UV protection" on just about anything. The areomed guys said it costs about $50-$60 at least to really put the complete protection ON the lens. Great. I feel VERY lied to- thinking my eyes were protected all this time. (I always buy very cheap ones...)

The air show turned out great- here is a picture of the Heritage run. A WWII fighter, one from Nam, and two modern-day fighters flying in formation.

It was really worth going to- and since it was free we even spent some money on the cheap/gross nachos and hot dogs. :O)

BUT... on the way home I got a speeding ticket. I SAW the cop sitting there and didn't slow down because I was convinced I was going the speed limit. Turns out the limit went from 55 to 45 for just long enough to create a speedTRAP. The 55 speed limit sign was right in front of my car when I was receiving my citation. Grrrr. The only semi-ok thing about getting a speeding ticket was that I can pay the fee and take an online drivers class to avoid the points going on my license. I enrolled for a class called "Improv Traffic Class". Its supposed to be a "fun" way to learn how to be a better driver.

Listen- traffic people- you can take your "traffic class" and dress it up with skits from comedians, but I'm not fooled. It's still TRAFFIC CLASS. Bah.

**** To end on a good note- Diet Rite Tangerine and White Grape pop- DELISH! Who'd have known?

Thursday, March 19, 2009


In my previous post you may have noticed my leg covered in bites. Well, those are still there and now due to another fishing trip I have many more red bumps covering my body.

This time, however, I came prepared. I bought a repellent at WallyWorld that was made right here in `Bama. (Should have known... bah.) For some reason I picked the one without a sprayer under the cap, so before fishing I took the top off and slathered the "please-don't-bite-me" juice all over.

So why do mosquitoes bite me? Well, other than this article pointing out that "I just have the wrong blood type" I have another suggestion. It's a conspiracy.

Mosquito: "Hey fishy, fishy!"

Fish: "Yes?" "Blubb"

M: "Know that tasty type O that comes around here sometimes to try to catch you?"

F: "Yeah, bluuubbb, I hate that."

M: "Well, she does put you back in the lake after she catches you- but doesn't it make you frustrated when you think you are getting a meal but its in fact a lure?"

F: "Yes! Bluubbubub. That ticks me off!"

M: "Want to get back at her?"

F: "Yes!"


M: "Well, keep biting on her line- since she loves catching you so much. Then I will come in and me `n my buddies will have a tasty feast every time she comes- therefore making her life miserable and scratchy. We BOTH win!"

F: "I love it! It's so evil it just might work!!"


Well know what? GAME ON. I'm not intimidated by your evil plans. Ha.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victory, Inflation, and Snow

1. Victory is mine!!!!

So we have a 5k coming up this weekend on post- which I and my husband are running together. I have been preparing for it- so we have been going on runs in the evenings together around Beaver Lake. Yesterday, we decided to ALSO take our fishing gear with us, so that if we finished running early, we could practice casting.

(Below, me, practicing casting with my brand new rod and reel!)

I ended up running 3.5 miles, then catching TWO crappies!!!!! (Pic of crappie below)

I felt like a million bucks after that. The high from running and catching fish!! Well, it was awesome. I'm not bragging- I owe all of this to my husband who is helping me reach my goals fitness-wise and teaching me all about fishing. He really is the amazing one.

This DID however have its drawbacks. See pic below... MY leg covered in 15 bug bites. That's ONLY the right lower leg. Not to mention the ones on my other leg, arms, back, elbows, and hands. I ITCH EVERYWHERE!!!!! ACCCHHHHHHHH! (If I were smart, I would've remembered that mosquitoes down here are the size of small birds AND NEVER GO WITHOUT BUG SPRAY!)

2. Inflation.

THIS happened less than 20 miles from our house. It makes me worried. I was less impacted by this than many people from AL. And I wonder, am I less impacted because this is just a temporary residence? Colorado was hit pretty hard by similar things and those hit very close to home. Or is it because I see things like this happen and I am USED to it? It seems like horrific things are getting more and more out-of-control, like these things are growing with some sort of inflation. I think about this often, as someone who might have children in the next few years. What sort of world am I going to bring children into? Don't get me wrong, I want them to be challenged, to grow and learn- but not be nonchalant when a gunman murders dozens of people. Maybe it is inflation of horror. Maybe the media has more access now than it did before. Maybe it will get better.

All I know is- better not put your hope in anything but God.

3. SNOW!!!

It snowed in southern AL!!! And I caught this pic to prove it. It may have not lasted long, but it reminded me of home and of winter. I do miss Colorado.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Child Abuse

A prime example of child abuse... doesn't really fit into Mullet Hunt `09, but it needs to be shared.

Please note the "rat tail" twins. Yikes.

Parents- no child deserves this. PLEASE.

Friday, February 27, 2009


You may ask "What are you learning lately?" to which I'd reply...

"The helicopters flying over my house are normally Black Hawks." Yay!

In all seriousness- I AM learning the differences. It's obvious with some of them, but up in the sky they look a little different! I think so far my favorites to see flying are the Chinooks- but I rarely see those.
In other news... "When in Rome..."

We have tickets for Talladega! I fully intend on dressing as "hick as possible" for this- so if you have any suggestions throw em my way. (And NO- I will not be cutting my hair into a femmullet. I do have standards...) You might also want to follow my "Mullet Hunt" on facebook, I'm sure to catch a few glorious ones... Woohooo!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have not been good about keeping this updated. So, feel free to give me crap. And here is the LATEST...

dun, dun, DUNNNNNNNN.....

1. I finally have a job! Wooohooo! Only part-time, but I get to keep my licenses and that is so important- I hadn't expected to be able to do that. So now I can either find another job for the other 2 days a week I won't be working, OR get an MBA online. Ideas?

2. Decided to kick it into high gear. Working out twice a day, since I'm not working yet, has made me very sore indeed. But I am signed up for the next 5k run on post with my hubby so I need to keep up the running. I don't want to be last... (Need some motivation to run? Watch "Run, Fat Boy, Run". Very funny in a british sort of way...)

3. Fart tag, anyone? Hehe.

Ok, thats all I got. For now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Best Commercial...

Although, now my husband is calling me "Hannerpuss". I don't know why- I don't even have a moustache!

Monday, January 26, 2009



So I need to blog again. I know. Bein lazy. This is what comes of my unemployment.

Not a lot going on here. Trying to find a job. Last week I went to a few classes on post about finding a job and went to a few "interviews"- so now I'm hoping for some emails/phone calls for more. This has been pretty entertaining, though, watching some of the other spouses look for work. One had on a shorter shirt with knee-length hooker boots, and one had really tight jeans that were low enough to show her thong. So classy. And I was worried about being overdressed. Hehe.

Trent and I decided to look up running trails and see if we could find some new ones. We were very excited to find an 13.1 mile track around the lake- promising it was great for mountian bikers. So we got ready for a little hike and set out to find the trailhead. BUT... no. It just meant you could run/bike ON THE FLIPPIN ROAD around the lake. No trail. And really, nothing great for mountain bikers. I want to know who decided they could put streets on the Ft. Rucker website as running trails. So we went back to really THE ONLY TRAIL on post and went for a little "nature walk" as neither one of us was really up for a run. We found some great fungi growing on trees, mushrooms, and elderberries. But while we were riveted on the scenery, we got to talking. What does "state of the art" mean? I have wondered this before and looked it up but then I forgot. So here you all go. Meaning.

Don't you just love to Google search?

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New State

So. Alabama.

After moving here a month ago- I still don't really know how I feel about this place in general. I mean, it can't really compare to Colorado. No microbrews, no mountains, high humidity... but all of that aside there are some interesting points here.

*Interesting names for towns. (i.e. Opp, Sweet Gum Head, etc.)

*Interesting store names. (i.e. Gitty Up`N`Go, Piggly Wiggly... and YES we have one. Ha.)

*Lots of lawn ornamentation. LOTS.

*Good BBQ

*Limited ways to spend $$$$ (Good for saving...)

*Different roadkill. Oppossums, mainly. Still holding out to see an armadillo- aparently they are everywhere, sneaky little turds. (GRRR!)

*GREAT mullet hunting and draft picks in any store, preferrably Wal-Mart since it has a high concentration of people at all times.

So all that being said- jury is still out.

Impress me, ALABAMA.