Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our First Weekend in Slovenia

"I feel Slovenia"- its Slovenia's slogan and I can completely understand why! We went this past weekend and it was fantastic... probably the most relaxing vacation since the Smoky Mountains before we left the states.

We stayed in the Julian Alps- below is a picture of Lake Bled. Bled is gorgeous... a castle sits above the town on a cliff, and a picturesque church sits on an island in the middle of the lake. Who can resist?!?

To get out to the island we rented a small rowboat- although Trent did most of the work I tried to help!

Once on the island we went to the Church of the Assumption to ring the lucky bell. Note the directions... men should not attempt to kick women in the face while ringing bell. Noted.

So here I am ringing the lucky bell and trying to get all the luck out. I only was told AFTER that you are supposed to make a wish first! I just thought you'd get some luck... so I might need to go back...

Trent also rang the lucky bell. And didn't kick me in the head.

Our first Slovenian beer- delish!

Next we went to Bled Castle to look around and have dinner. The castle was amazing... great views and a small museum of Slovenian history.

So romantic!

The next day we went to Lake Bohinj. Bohinj is bigger and is much different than Bled. We started with an early am hike to the waterfall- Slap Savica.

A rainbow...

The view from Slap Savica- you can see Lake Bohinj in the distance.

Trent at Lake Bohinj.


There are more pictures on facebook- if you don't have facebook let me know and I can email you the rest of the pics! All in all a great weekend. We will be going back for sure- next maybe fly fishing the Emerald Trail or seeing the costal areas in June... but Slovenia is now one of my favorite places!!