Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yummy Southern Summer Treat

Last week as I was enjoying the last of my free time, I watched Fried Green Tomatoes. I had never seen it and thought what better time to watch it?
So then shopping for groceries I came across locally grown green tomatoes and bought a few. I'm not a big fan of fried foods (or at least not a fan of calories) so I cut one up for a salad. As it turns out, green tomatoes are MUCH too tart for a salad!
So we sauteed some in a bit of olive oil....
Then added a bit of good ole Danny Cash...

Delicious! I think I might have one as an appetizer every night this week.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bosco and the Blue Boat

As we cannot take our ole Blue with us when we move, we are attempting to sell him. I don't know why, but we haven't taken Bosco out on the boat yet- I think we thought he'd be scared. Nope! As you can see he is happy as a clam!

And what fun is being on a boat if you can't get out and chase your tail in the water?


If I only had a dog's life...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Attack of the Mosquitos!!

This weekend we went to the drive-in, and I got 34 mosquito bites. I wore long pants and a jacket... yet somehow was eaten alive. I tend to have a slight allergic reaction to mosquito bites- and since I was bitten several times on my hands, I cannot get my rings off or really bend my ring finger (pinkie finger is also jacked up!). It started throbbing around 3:30 am- so we got up and tried SEVERAL things to get those darned rings off. In the end I couldn't take how bad it was hurting, so I took pain pills and let it be.

I think my only option is cutting the rings off or waiting and hoping the swelling goes down... so... here's hoping.

ALSO (please note picture) while I was contemplating my numerous bites, I saw something in the window. I thought it had to be some other type of bug, but after Trent inspecting it, then disposing of it, we concluded it is just a HUGE mosquito.

Did he follow me home? Not sure. But at least if he DID contribute to my 34 bites all over my body, he didn't get away with it!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trials and Remembering

It's been about a year and a half since moving to AL and becoming a newly wed. It has been an adventure, for sure, and sometimes a difficult one. I found myself on the "bottom of the bucket" a few days ago. This has happened a few times already... feeling lonely, helpless, frustrated, angry... and not just at being married or living here- my job, my health care, my goals, my schoolwork...

I started to think about other times in my life. Sometimes the crap just hits all at once. And who knows why... but I think of them as seasons. I KNOW there is another season coming. I can feel it. I think the upcoming move to Germany has something to do with it too, but I feel a readiness to say goodbye to this and move forward.

So I was reading through my well-used Bible and came across so many verses that I'd underlined a long time ago. Verses that were so important at different times. And I felt at peace. It was as if the old me was looking through the pages and helping me remember all the wonderful things God did in my life.

And there is much yet to happen! I need to remember these things. (God scolded Israel all the time about remembering...)

I'm choosing to remember that I have a wonderful husband and a lot of good things in store. A lot of lessons to remember (learning the hard way) and a lot of areas for improvement... but a new season is coming.