Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recession or not...

THESE are always in style.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stateism and Gators


definition according to ME:
1. Believing one state is superior to another.
2. Prejudices against particular states.

I have it. I'm trying not to. I realize there are many good things and bad things about each state. For instance, Alabama. Mobile is pretty nice. And so is Gulf Shores. BUT...

It really DOES seem like every time I think it's "going to be ok here" something crazy happens. Here is the most recent "for instance".

(You have to imagine this in your BEST deep south accent, okay?)

Enter Hannah to Wal-Mart. Walking through produce, thinking to herself about the items she needs. She overhears a conversation between two women in said produce aisle.

Woman 1: "What is THAT?!?"
Woman 2: "Why, I think that's soy sauce!"
W 1: "In the produce section? That don't make no sense!"
W 2: "No it don't. And look- the name on it says 'POM'. That's no name for soy sauce..."
W 1: "Funny. Wonder why Wal-Mart's puttin that thar."

This really happened. And in case you didn't pick up on what they were talking about- it was Pom- Pomegranate juice. Awesome.

I really am not trying to make this blog ONLY about why you SHOULDN'T live here- but there are just so many good stories...


I saw my first one this weekend in Lake Eufala! We were pretty close- it sunk into the water and swam off when we got too close in the boat, but still really neat. Look- see? Caught it on camera.

Ok- that's all for now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle, Again...

So, back in the saddle again. I have a job- basically doing the same thing I used to at UBS just now at Jones. There are a few differences, however...

-all the free pop I can drink
-a lot more client interaction
-a lot less $$$

But a job is a job, and in this area I am really lucky to have found something in my "field". I also might have some great stories to share- there are quite a few characters in this town.

In other news... my face is almost done peeling. We went to an air show in Florida last weekend and I really underestimated how much sunscreen I would need. So- when I got home I looked like a clown. My face was all red except for the parts around my eyes where my sunglasses covered. Thank GOODNESS for makeup!!

***It also turns out Trent learned that the sunglasses industry isn't regulated- they can put "100% UV protection" on just about anything. The areomed guys said it costs about $50-$60 at least to really put the complete protection ON the lens. Great. I feel VERY lied to- thinking my eyes were protected all this time. (I always buy very cheap ones...)

The air show turned out great- here is a picture of the Heritage run. A WWII fighter, one from Nam, and two modern-day fighters flying in formation.

It was really worth going to- and since it was free we even spent some money on the cheap/gross nachos and hot dogs. :O)

BUT... on the way home I got a speeding ticket. I SAW the cop sitting there and didn't slow down because I was convinced I was going the speed limit. Turns out the limit went from 55 to 45 for just long enough to create a speedTRAP. The 55 speed limit sign was right in front of my car when I was receiving my citation. Grrrr. The only semi-ok thing about getting a speeding ticket was that I can pay the fee and take an online drivers class to avoid the points going on my license. I enrolled for a class called "Improv Traffic Class". Its supposed to be a "fun" way to learn how to be a better driver.

Listen- traffic people- you can take your "traffic class" and dress it up with skits from comedians, but I'm not fooled. It's still TRAFFIC CLASS. Bah.

**** To end on a good note- Diet Rite Tangerine and White Grape pop- DELISH! Who'd have known?