Tuesday, August 16, 2011

$$ Money $$

Ahhh Money.

**Aparently the name of our new neighbor? If think if we become friends we should teach him how to "make it rain" just like Danny McBride. Go HERE to learn if you also need to learn.

We got a small sum of money deposited into our account from the US Treasury. We aren't sure what for.

Me: "What should we blow this newly found money on??"

Trent: "Just because we get random sums of money deposited into the account we don't have to find something to spend it on."

Me: "I think you misunderstand. You said 'spend money'... I said 'blow money'. Mine means its use should be spent on frivilous things."

Trent: "Like $300 worth of little toy army men?"

Me: "Or rainbows?"

Trent: "Bubbles?"

Me: "A little of all of that?"

We clearly need some better ideas.