Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Quick Update

Ok- its been a while. Here is a QUICK update:

1. Got married in Jamaica. It was beautiful- ate great food, enjoyed every minute with my husband, and got a little sunburn.

2. Moved in to the new house. I love it! Can't wait to make it feel more like home...


4. I love Christmas. (See new favorite Christmas song.)

(Ashlie- good thing I looked at your blog already. THIS is the better version...)

I might give a more "detailed" update later- if anyone is dying to know everything....

Friday, November 21, 2008

Goodbye, UBS.

Goodbye, UBS.

This is my last day of working at UBS. Or working anywhere- at least until I can find a job in Alabama.

I don't know WHAT I feel… I think all of the emotions are almost cancelling each other out… but still taking a toll on my heart.

Anxious, happy, sad, excited, relived…


And VERY soon I'll be saying goodbye to Colorado, my best friend and my family.

Yikes. This is harder than I thought it would be…

(This is a picture that one of my advisors was going to use. Whelp, too late!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Snow!!!!!!!!

I woke up today to the first snow of the season for Denver. It's so quiet and beautiful....

I think I may take a few breaks from work this morning and just go stand in it. And wish that I lived in a little cabin in the woods... so I could watch the snow and absorb the absolute stillness of it as long as I wanted.

I'm so glad I didn't miss you.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ODE to Pumpkin

Oh Pumpkin. Orange and round.

My very favorite kind of pie-

You turn my frowns upside down,

And bring a tear to my eye.

And with a mountain of whipped cream,

You are a yummy treat,

In my coffee you are a dream-

The only fruit I want to eat.

(You make the holidays complete!)

**** Oh, no- you are thinking I am unaware of how retarded I am. Nope, I know.

*******Pumpkin being a fruit... isn't that funny?

********* There are very few words that rhyme with "coffee", "yummy", or "tasty". And some very harsh words that rhyme with "pie".

Friday, November 7, 2008

Things You Will Be Able To Afford This Holiday Season...

One of the things I will really miss about Colorado is not having Channel 93.3 around to listen to.

I love the music- and love the DJ's. One of the DJ's- Nerf- has an "LOL at 5", and it is replayed during the day so in case you can't listen in at 5- you still get a little somethin funny. The latest one was "Things You Will Be Able to Afford This Holiday Season..."

(In a dramatic voice)

1. Generic Ramen
2. Leaves!
3. A Tic Tac
4. The Jake Plummer jersey
5. Rockies season tickets for 2009
6. Creed, greatest hits- volume one AND two

Hahaha… oh dear.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wal-Mart Children

Um, no.
I think this is just what those kids I have seen (heard!) at Wal-Mart need.
In fact, I'd be willing to open a day care like this one. I promise I wouldn't charge too much either.

Friday, October 17, 2008



That pretty much sums up the way I feel/have been feeling. (HERE)

@ work they gave me one of the biggest jerks in the office to help out. He has already complained about me to the regional manager. Am I worried? Not really. Already gave my notice.

Paying for the wedding reception myself now. After three BLOWOUT fights with my mom. (I think we are at about 20 fights total since engagement! Apparently I know how to cut people in half. I'm a ninja and didn't even know it, so that's cool.) At least now that I am doing everything myself I already have the cake topper ordered, a contract on the reception place, invitations printed and almost all mailed out, and looking for a dress…


The dress. Good self-esteem booster. I wear a size 8 pant, and now a size 14 wedding dress. Yikes. Need to lose weight. The dress looked HORRIBLE. Don't they have wizards to make anyone look great on their wedding day? Let's hope. And please be cheap. I can't afford much else… HA.

Got a flu shot yesterday. Bad idea? Today I am dizzy, achy and tired. Maybe my body is under too much stress to fight off a tiny flu shot- please…. PLEASE fight off this flu shot and let's not get the flu. That would really suck.

**** Sorry blog readers. Hang in there. At some point there will be happy stories of going to AL for Trent's graduation, getting married, and adjusting to life in the South. The "UGH" period of life is almost over!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chili Cook-Off Results

I know its not good blog etiquette to post twice in one day, but I have a great story!!

I just came in 1ST place in our office chili cook-off!!!! Wooohoo! (I won a $25 gas gift card.)

We had the cook-off to raise money for the breast cancer research fund "Race for the Cure". There hadn't been an entry yet in the "other" category, so I was told to make some- and since I didn't have a slow cooker, my co-worker Melinda bought me one! My first wedding present- a crock-pot. Yeah! (I made white chicken chili- double on the jalapeños.)

And then I got a rather "fun" email in response to the cook-off results from a little British man I make fun of at work:

"Congratulations, and contrary to the opinions of some, you are clearly more than just the rude comments and pretty face - apparently a cook too. If you can sew and maintain a plastic smile in a group of Army wives bitching about their husbands last career report, you are going to excel at Military Wife School."

Awww. Thanks Gary. You just wait...

Friday, September 26, 2008


I noticed as I walked into work today that there was a strange man in blue scrubs walking aimlessly in our hallway. On the 15th floor.

Maybe there is a mental hospital nearby and there was an escape. That would explain a few things around here. Maybe the poor guy was trying to reunite with his other "crazies". Birds of a feather... you know...

***True story, my brother's high school WAS right next to a mental hospital- and there was an escape. They had to shut down school to find the escape artists. One was just watching football practice. So it CAN happen.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Poison In My Coffee

I forgot how much I loved Thanks, 2004!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wrong Side Of The Bed

"The Wrong Side of the Bed"

Sure felt like that this morning. I have had several reasons to be grumpy… but then some to make me happy as well. I think I just need to make a list and then try to be happy even if the "stupid annoying things" list is longer. Ugh.

Stupid Annoying Things:

1.The fact that I bought Tupperware containers and made lemon soufflé for the Susan G. Komen bake sale today… and NO ONE has bought any of them. Everything else on the "bake sale table" is almost gone. I should have "baked" something.
2. I parked next to a Toyota Tundra in the compact spots at work. AGAIN. Please see definition of "compact car"
3. My hair dryer broke this morning. Its only a few months old.
4. Feeling like frustration/confusion is here to stay…
5. Roommate arguments. Enough said.
6. Gaining weight
7. My boss. Asking me to ask a "more experienced" associate here to see if I'm doing things wrong. Arg.

Good Happy Things:

1. Snuggling with Puck
2. The Office, and Heroes. Both GREAT shows.
3. Getting a free salad for lunch today. And a cookie. (I only picked a very small cookie)
4. Getting $10 from said boss because I won a bet. I DID do it right.
5. Dinner with old friends… realizing I am glad I left my old job.
6. Free tickets to a Rockies game

Ok, I will be happy. The bad list is longer… but I don't want it to win. Dumb list.

LOL cat for Bec.

Here you go, Bec... my very own.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

LOL cats?

Too funny- you can make your own LOLcats pic. I think I'll make one of Puck. Hehe.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Bahamas Sound Nice...

The REAL Hannah wants to be in the Bahamas right now too...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Denver and Meth Heads...

Please take a moment to read the article below:

Sweet. These racist retards were having a jolly old time with their meth in the hotel LITERALLY RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MY OFFICE!!!!!

Awesome. So when Denver gets a world spotlight, all we have to show is a bunch of idiotic protesters and three bu**wipes (See pictures!) who want to assassinate a candidate because of the color of his skin, jump out of 6th floor windows and do drugs.

Way to go, Colorado.

Friday, August 15, 2008


So... guess what? I hate my job. Want to know why?????

I basically work for a flat rate that I am paid by UBS, then the brokers I work for supplement my income out of their production so that my salary sort of depends on how well I do to support my brokers and their clients. That's how it’s supposed to work anyway.

Yesterday one of my brokers calls me into his office to talk. He asks me to come up with a proposal on my own to present to him, detailing the amount I think I deserve to be paid and my goals to accomplish for HIM this quarter. He stipulates that because I “have not been myself” that I should be paid a little less, and also that two weeks is a reasonable amount to be absent from work in a calendar year- including BOTH vacation time and sick time.

UBS gives us three weeks vacation, plus 2 personal days, and 8 sick days. And if I take those days… I will be paid less??!?! Um, no. Not ok.

I tried telling him WHY I don’t agree with quarterly income (it should be monthly), why I don’t agree with being penalized for taking the vacation time I have earned, and why I disagree with being penalized simply because “I haven’t been myself”. He didn’t listen to a word I said, then when I brought up his LAST assistant he said paying her well “was a mistake”. His words. Not mine. She would love that.

Keep in mind none of this has to do with how I treat his clients, how fast I get projects done and how good I am at what I do. Maybe I should start sucking at my job. Or win the lottery. Or go talk to my manager (who is his best friend…). Or kidnap his dog. Seriously… better ideas?

Breathe…. Relax. Breathe… relax. ACK!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Memory foam... I have a layer of this on my bed and I have to say... I'm hooked! It's so comfortable that I have trouble getting out of bed on most days. But as I was lying in bed last night, just thinking about how much I love my bed... it occurred to me... "Why is it called 'memory foam'?"

When you put pressure on it- it sinks in to accommodate whatever form is on it, but as soon as the pressure is released, it goes right back into shape. Shouldn't it be called 'FOREGETFUL foam'?

Lapse in judgment regarding the name aside… I googled memory foam this morning and found this little tidbit.

"So how does it work? Why is it called memory foam? Well, the foam in the mattress will absorb your body heat and mold itself to your body shape giving you support exactly where you need it. It's also ideal for couples, especially if one partner is much larger as it supports you both individually so no more rolling into those valleys!"

****Just in case anyone is sleeping with an elephant in their bed, memory foam might be a good idea. :O)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Would You Like Some Whine With Your Cheese?

A recent introspection has left me feeling a little sad because I have found myself focusing on the negative things in my life… which ultimately has brought my spirit down. It's like I said to Alex yesterday…

"Owwww" -Me

"What's wrong?" –Alex

"My soul hurts from being at work all day." –Me

Being overly dramatic aside… I am HAPPY. So here is to focusing on the good things… the things that make it worth going through the tough stuff.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump Day Thoughts

A few little thoughts for you while I am sitting here at work waiting to go home again.


Give it up for everyone's favorite, public humiliation. One of the most humiliating things EVER happened to me yesterday. In fact it was so bad that I am not even going to tell you all what happened. I told Alex, and maybe Ashlie via secure email. Anyway, maybe I filled my quota for the year. Here's hoping.


(See Utube for video) Giving blood has always been easy- up til today. I started sweating SO much it was like I had ran about 3 miles. I was covered! Apparently I had low blood pressure after they finished draining my life-juice, so I had to lay down and drink juice. What a wimp. At least I got a REALLY cool tee-shirt for FREE! Aren't you jealous?


And on another note, clients/people at work sometimes RAISE my blood pressure. I made a few pictures for you to see how I relieve my stress when I could punch someone in the face. Enjoy.
(PS in case you are slow, thats me eating and spraying clients with fire.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


"Lost". Good show. Especially the first few seasons- can't say much about the rest since I haven't seen them!

I just watched an episode where "Hurley", the coolest guy by FAR on the show, has a crush on "Libby", a maybe-psycho-girl who is pretending to be a psychologist (but then she dies and we will never know...). Anyways, Hurley struggles with being overweight even after being stranded on an island for months, mainly because he stole food for a private stash and hid it in the jungle. He tearfully confesses this to Libby, who goes with him to the stash and helps him pour out everything so that he won't be tempted by it. (A little strange considering there are other hungry people around… eh.) AS SOON AS THIS HAPPENS, there is an air-drop of a ton MORE food from seemingly nowhere. Libby jokes that the island doesn't want him to succeed in losing weight.

Um, am I on that freaking island? Seriously. Take today for example… I come in to work planning on a banana for breakfast and maybe some cottage cheese. Then one wholesaler comes in with five buckets of bagels and cream cheese, then another wholesaler brings in "duffy rolls"- almost like a crispy cinnamon roll. (OH I AM NOT DONE…) Then there is leftover cake in the fridge, and another wholesaler brings in KFC for lunch- plus my boss offers to buy me a snack downstairs at our café. Luckily I didn’t eat that stuff- other than the snack from the café- but that was only because I felt so guilty about the dinner I had last night.

Ack. Maybe life is a constant "when-you-feel-strong-watch-out-there's-a-trap!" I'd really like to get off this rollercoaster… and I am trying. Any advice?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Need a New Horn For My Honda.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A roundabout is a type of road junction at which traffic enters a one-way stream around a central island. In the United States it is technically called a modern roundabout, to emphasize the distinction from the older, larger type of traffic circle.
Overall, roundabouts are statistically safer than both traffic circles and traditional intersections,
[1] with the exception that cyclists have a significantly increased crash rate at large roundabouts. Roundabouts do not cope as well with the traffic on motorways, highways, or similar fast roads.

APPARENTLY, most of America has missed this memo.

Welcome to driving 101 for the public.

Now, most of the time I can let small things go- like cutting in line at the grocery store. Mostly because small annoyances don't happen to me every day. Sure they get on my nerves a little bit but I don't feel like punching my hand through my driver's side window. ROUND-A-BOUTS on the other hand make me flippin CRAZY!

There is one in front of my office building. Desirous as I am of avoiding it, I can't. Unless it’s a weekend and I am not at work. Picture this… two lanes come up to a round-a-bout. The right-hand lane has a yield sign.

Time out-

Yield sign

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to: navigation, search
In road transport, a yield (Canada, Ireland, and the United States) or give way (many[weasel words] Commonwealth countries) traffic sign indicates that a driver of a vehicle must slow down and prepare to stop if necessary (usually while merging into traffic on another road) but does not need to stop if there is no reason to. A driver who has actually stopped in this situation is said to have yielded the right-of-way to through traffic on the main road. In contrast, a stop sign always requires a full stop.

Ok, do we understand YIELD now? Moving on…

EVERY SINGLE DAY- the car in the right lane tries to enter the round-a-bout first and cut right in front of me, narrowly missing my bumper every time. THEN, I get the "finger", or the "LOOK". I swear every time I get the "look" I want to throw the car in park, pull the person out of their car and break both of their arms so they can't drive for a while and give them a number to a driving school.

The other day I had to SLAM on my brakes to miss a car that shot out in front of me from another entrance on the round-a-bout coming from the Hyatt. Almost smashed his car in half. And you know what? It wouldn’t be my fault Mr. I-AM-TOO-IMPORTANT-TO-OBEY-TRAFFIC-RULES!!! Maybe next time I'll temporarily forget my brakes and just make a pretty little dent in your Mercedes-Benz. Now wouldn’t that be sad. Maybe your insurance company would pay your way through driving school.

Ok, I am done, the more I talk about this the more pent-up frustration is coming out my nostrils. GGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Until next time! :O)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

From Phoenix to Santa Fe...

Business trips... most likely the only two I'll go on all year. Pretty good trips but there were just a few odd things I felt compelled to share with you...

First off- the most recent trip to Santa Fe. Below you- please note a picture I took in the Women's bathroom in the Albuquerque airport. Yes, this is what you think it is. A sharps collector most commonly found in a doctors office. Not a restroom. Please also note the MANY syringes in it. I could have grabbed a few used ones had I wanted to. Um....?

Secondly, Phoenix. Everything was great... spent time with my aunt Coco (haven't seen her in over 5 years...), great food, great bed, great mojitos.... yum. But take a look at some pictures I took of the inside of our great Hyatt Regency downtown.

UM, yeah. Creepy. For anyone who has seen "Donny Darko" and remembers the horrible rabbit "Frank"... you know what I'm getting at. Larger-than-life, odd looking random animals crawling up the sides of the hotel, doing stunts, leaning over the elevator so every time you come to the main floor "FRANK" is there to greet you. ACK! Want a picture of "Frank"?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008



There are some VERY odd things to be afraid of... see list of some of my favorites below. :O)

***How can you possibly be terrified of freedom???

Bolsheviks- Bolshephobia.
Bridges or of crossing them- Gephyrophobia. (My dad actually has this one…)
Beautiful women- Caligynephobia.
Chickens- Alektorophobia.
Chopsticks- Consecotaleophobia.
Eight, the number- Octophobia.
Freedom- Eleutherophobia. (No thanks, I'll have communism please...)
Gaiety- Cherophobia.
Garlic- Alliumphobia. (Can anyone say Vampire?)
Japanese or Japanese culture- Japanophobia.
Kissing- Philemaphobia or Philematophobia.
Looking up- Anablephobia or Anablepophobia.
Menstruation- Menophobia. (The bears... they smell the menstruation!!)
Mirrors or seeing oneself in a mirror- Eisoptrophobia.
Money- Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia.
Northern lights- Auroraphobia.
Opinions- Allodoxaphobia.
Otters- Lutraphobia.
Phobias- Phobophobia. (You can have a fear of phobias???? Honestly…)
Poetry- Metrophobia.
Puppets- Pupaphobia.
Staying single- Anuptaphobia. (Don't we all at some point?)
Snow- Chionophobia.
Teenagers- Ephebiphobia. (No comment...)
Ugliness- Cacophobia.
Waits, long- Macrophobia. (I have this one)
Words, long- Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia or Sesquipedalophobia. (Appropriate)

If you need to see the whole list here it is:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Falcon Cam LIVE...

Check this out- so entertaining! The mama falcon is watching over her little baby falcons- all recorded by this live cam. She fed them a rabbit earlier today I heard... I wanna see that!


Monday, April 28, 2008

The Oracle of Starbucks

Thanks Bec for passing along this website- now I have HUGE self-esteem and I feel so encouraged. (sarcasm?)

Basically, if you go to this website and type in your typical drink order, it analyzes your personality and 'tells it like it is'. I wasn't a huge fan of Starbucks anyway- but now I think I'll be less inclined to frequent this establishment...

My drink was an iced skinny sugar-free latte- here is what it thinks of me.

Behold the Oracle's wisdom:

Personality type: Fat
You're always worrying about your weight. That's because you're fat. You're constantly whining about problems that are your own fault. You are a total pain in the ass.

Also drinks: Diet RC Cola

Can also be found: On Jerry Springer

(Folks- I would never be on Springer, that's just mean...)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A WHAT Horse?

"'Charley horse' can be as painful as it is mysterious.
The charley horse, or nocturnal leg cramp, is as common as it is unwelcome — a miserable, unexplainable affliction that has us, and doctors, wondering why the heck it happens and how we can avoid the next one." -ABC News

I am going crazy. Last night I woke up to a HORRIBLE cramp in my leg- the one where you can't breathe until it's over and then you lay there stunned out of your blissful slumber wondering what just happened... I thought for some reason it was a "crazy horse". When I told a co-worker about my "crazy horse" they looked really confused and told me they had never heard of such a thing before. So I spent about 15 minutes trying to Google search the "crazy horse" and show them that its a term for an awful cramp in your muscles that makes you imobile/want to die. Didn't come up with anything- because I'm retarded. It's called a CHARLEY HORSE. Duh.

And just to stand on my soapbox for a minute- who the BLEEP decided to give such a horrible experience such a cute name? Why not call a headache a "Justin Horse"? (That would be my suggestion, named fondly for the 83 year old crump I have to work for every day...) And there are others, like "tennis elbow" and "trigger finger". Those are also too cute... ugh.

I am going to re-name painful events so that I feel better telling others that I survived them.

List of possibilties:
Leg-Death Horse
Fiery Spasm Horse
Seizure Agony Horse
Suffering Horse

Any other great ideas for appropriate names for any kind of pain? I'd love to hear your ideas...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Series 66... DONE. And other thoughts...

So welcome to my cubicle. It's around lunchtime but I have too much to do so I can't leave. Why am I posting on here then you may ask? Good question…

I have to keep my hands busy so I don't snack on peanut butter… its absolutely fantastic!! I got the "nutty" kind, more chunks than "crunchy". I don't understand those people who eat "smooth"- I mean, do they not like ANY excitement in their mouth? I know I do…

If you are looking for a good way to spend $20- go to this website. I love the jewelry!! Its really good quality plus they ship it relatively fast... I'm trying to not look for a while though- I really dont need more jewelry. :O)

I PASSED MY DUMB LICENSING TEST!!!!!! (I actually got an 85%- which is much better than others in the office have done.) I intend on working out every day after work and watching movies and playing with my attention-starved cat. Or doing whatever else I want whenever I want. HA!

That's all that I had to say really- just a happy clam knowing my cram-for-test days are over for a while…

Monday, April 14, 2008

KC Experiencing High Mullet Levels

Another great capture by Kristen Erickson... just flippin fantastic!! I don't even know what to call this one... other than "glorious". It looks like a comb-over mullet...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I just thought I'd put it out there that today I sneezed with a mouthful of jalepeno chips... not pretty.

(I want to go home...)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's a Wal-Mart World...

Many of you know I had eye surgery a few years ago and my vision is still a bit fuzzy when it comes to distance. I'm on a steroid eye drop once a day to help this- however sometimes it's still a bit of an inconvenience.

I was at Wal-Mart yesterday doing some shopping for my lemon soufflé and toilet paper, when I see a man in an orange hoodie shopping near the produce aisle. I squinted and squinted… pretty sure he was a relative of mine!! His name- I think- is Buffy and he is on my grandpa's side, maybe a 3rd or 4th cousin. I wanted to say hello, but I had to make sure it was him…

So there I am like a stalker walking up and down aisles trying to get close enough, and finally get the courage to walk right past him. He looked right at me, and sure enough, it WAS him. However, he looked at me without a hint of recollection, so I decided to just walk on and leave it alone. Who wants to try to explain to someone that they REALLY ARE related- somehow- in the cooking section of Wal-Mart? That would have been awkward…

But it was this brush with awkwardness that took me into the vision center and ordered me some nice- expensive- new glasses. BAH.

Stay tuned for the addition of some "spectacles" to my lovely face. I'm sure to be TWICE as attractive so hold on!! ;o)

(Note: this temporary brush with attractiveness because of glasses should only last hopefully 10 months, when hopefully I will be able to get a "touch-up" surgery. Don't worry…)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Mullet Madness

Mullet Madness

March is over, dear friends, but "Mullet Hunt" has only just begun. One of the main reasons for this blog is to share photos of great catches with my friends who sadly cannot view my collection on facebook.

This catch is courtesy of Kristen Erickson, who was on the ball with her camera phone. And to quote a great movie- this catch seems like he is trying to "be classy" but obviously "likes to party".

Keep em comin!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ah sushi

I love sushi. At some point I really want to go to Japan- see the cherry blossoms, climb those beautiful mountains, sit by the ocean, but mostly- taste the original stuff fresh from the hands of the experts and the bounty of the sea. That being said- I am NOT a fan of the "sushi restaurant".

I went to one last night for example, in the tech center where I work and live. It's supposed to be a very nice restaurant- after all it's in a very "nice" part of town. (Don't get me started on how much I hate this area sometimes and those uppity richies who live here….) So my friend Carmen goes to use the restroom and comes back to tell us that either there is a large beetle on the floor in there or someone couldn’t wait to get to the toilet. EWWWWWWWW! Either way- know what I'm saying? So I go "have a look". It's not as bad as I was expecting, but looks like a black trash bag stuffed with rice or some white substance, blocking the drain on the floor. ?????? Anyone? Bueller?

If they charge so much for us to eat there you'd think they could keep the bathrooms clear of "black piles" of mystery.

Oh and the music they play at these places drives me nuts as well. Not a fan of Asian boy-girl-bands.

But one tasty thing to mention- jalapeños in sushi is a GREAT idea- try it if you are the adventuresome type- its my new favorite!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I want to catch these two in person someday. This is my dream...

The glory of "Mullet Hunt '08" continues. May you catch a glorious one...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Begin with Problems

Great way to start something, problems catch more attention than just starting out with something fantastic.

I am putting my test on the back burner. It's boring, useless, and other than be helpful in people being impressed with me at work, has no purpose. I could get business cards, true, but does anyone ever ASK me for one? No. I'm not important. I want to relax, spend time with Trent until he leaves again in May, and minimize the stress going on with my job.

My boss said I needed to "get my sh** together and get it done". Yikes. I realize it does need to be done but is a two-month delay going to kill anyone? Honestly…

Any opinions? (You can leave comments on this thing, even if you don’t have your own blog.)

Other than that I am trying to focus on losing weight. I just got a new membership to 24 Hour Fitness which is really close to home/work so that I can workout with my best friend Alex and other considerably awesome friend Casi for more motivation. I am REALLY out of shape considering I did a vertical-climb-hike with Trent and almost died. No bueno…

The main thing though is enjoying the food I eat instead of shoving my face like I normally do. And only eating when I'm hungry- I tend to eat when bored/stressed. Work is usually good because I can keep my mind off of junk but nights and weekends are tough stuff.

Right now I'm enjoying some habanero garlic hot sauce, courtesy of my boss Greg, called "Danny Cash' Bottled Up Anger". WOW good!! I'm in love… and I'm tearing up too…

Friday, March 21, 2008


So its about time.

I was thinking about something quite profound today and thought I'd better write it down because I would forget what it was. I sure did. But blogging isn't as dumb as writing everything down that I think during the day. I havent had one of these in a long time either- so this might have a bit of a rocky start.

Welcome to my world.