Thursday, September 11, 2008

Wrong Side Of The Bed

"The Wrong Side of the Bed"

Sure felt like that this morning. I have had several reasons to be grumpy… but then some to make me happy as well. I think I just need to make a list and then try to be happy even if the "stupid annoying things" list is longer. Ugh.

Stupid Annoying Things:

1.The fact that I bought Tupperware containers and made lemon soufflé for the Susan G. Komen bake sale today… and NO ONE has bought any of them. Everything else on the "bake sale table" is almost gone. I should have "baked" something.
2. I parked next to a Toyota Tundra in the compact spots at work. AGAIN. Please see definition of "compact car"
3. My hair dryer broke this morning. Its only a few months old.
4. Feeling like frustration/confusion is here to stay…
5. Roommate arguments. Enough said.
6. Gaining weight
7. My boss. Asking me to ask a "more experienced" associate here to see if I'm doing things wrong. Arg.

Good Happy Things:

1. Snuggling with Puck
2. The Office, and Heroes. Both GREAT shows.
3. Getting a free salad for lunch today. And a cookie. (I only picked a very small cookie)
4. Getting $10 from said boss because I won a bet. I DID do it right.
5. Dinner with old friends… realizing I am glad I left my old job.
6. Free tickets to a Rockies game

Ok, I will be happy. The bad list is longer… but I don't want it to win. Dumb list.

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Laura said...

This will tie your list...
Its almost fall so bring on the hot drinks, the cool sweaters, and the lovely colors