Friday, October 17, 2008



That pretty much sums up the way I feel/have been feeling. (HERE)

@ work they gave me one of the biggest jerks in the office to help out. He has already complained about me to the regional manager. Am I worried? Not really. Already gave my notice.

Paying for the wedding reception myself now. After three BLOWOUT fights with my mom. (I think we are at about 20 fights total since engagement! Apparently I know how to cut people in half. I'm a ninja and didn't even know it, so that's cool.) At least now that I am doing everything myself I already have the cake topper ordered, a contract on the reception place, invitations printed and almost all mailed out, and looking for a dress…


The dress. Good self-esteem booster. I wear a size 8 pant, and now a size 14 wedding dress. Yikes. Need to lose weight. The dress looked HORRIBLE. Don't they have wizards to make anyone look great on their wedding day? Let's hope. And please be cheap. I can't afford much else… HA.

Got a flu shot yesterday. Bad idea? Today I am dizzy, achy and tired. Maybe my body is under too much stress to fight off a tiny flu shot- please…. PLEASE fight off this flu shot and let's not get the flu. That would really suck.

**** Sorry blog readers. Hang in there. At some point there will be happy stories of going to AL for Trent's graduation, getting married, and adjusting to life in the South. The "UGH" period of life is almost over!

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Laura said...

Engagements are full of ugh moments and then on the day its aww moments