Monday, March 15, 2010

Gearin Up

So, I haven't been blogging lately. Maybe I need to start doing that more often.


Since I've been fighting-a-cold/dealing-with-AL-allergies I haven't been very consistent in my running. I made a new year's resolution to make a PR in the St. Patty's Day 10k here on post. (I'll update this hopefully with a great finish time!) So, this morning since Trent was studying I woke up and got out the door to get in a nice long run. The weather isn't humid yet and it's getting warmer... yay!

I guess my only real reason for posting this is I have odd thoughts while I run, and I wanted to share one.

I thought, what if I write a book and it makes tons of money and I become wealthy and famous? (... well not famous. I don't like talking to strangers as a rule...)

What would I write? Hmmm.... maybe... "How To Run: For Lazy People". It could be all about my ups and downs and finally getting to the brink of really loving to run. I'm a lazy person so I'd understand the content of the book pretty well. But then what if I write this book and then get super into running and start doing marathons? Could a book possibly be written on "How To Run Marathons: For Lazy People". I just don't think so... and I spent about a mile wondering about all that would go into a book and if anyone would read it... blah blah blah. And then I went on to think about something else... maybe my IT band. Or my knees. Or how when you yell "on your left" some people jump around all over like they can't decide which left is "their left".

I'd also like to note Ash is a great writer- see Lost in Arkansas on my blog list. She could write a book for sure... but she probably couldn't use my title without me gettin real mad and making her pay me lots of money

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Ash said...

I dig your new look! Awesome on the blogging again! Thanks for the endorsement. I would totally read "How To Run: For Lazy People"...I am one of those lazy people.