Monday, March 21, 2011


The reason for this trip really began years ago when Trent and I went to pick out new plates from "Blood Bath and Beyond" (as we have nicknamed it). We picked out a set we thought would last, as any newly married couple does, but the dishes soon chipped and discolored. Becoming frustrated, we decided to overhaul our kitchen contents. And SINCE we are in Europe- why not stock up on Polish and Italian pottery??

Starting with Polish pottery.

We did our homework and mapped out a trip to Boleslawiec, Poland, the birthplace of beautiful, hand painted pottery.

But we also wanted to see a bit of Poland and experience the culture. I pictured a quaint little town similar to Germany's Triberg. But we were quite wrong- the town is much larger and MUCH less touristy than we'd thought. It wasn't too bad- but we were somewhat taken aback by the cleanliness and crowded streets.

But making the best of it we found a cute little Polish restaurant. Warm and cozy- we prepared for our first Polish cuisine. And then they brought bread to the table... with a side of lard. Yes... LARD. See picture below.

We put some on a knife to be sure... I really thought we had to be mistaken. But no, just a nice helping of pure animal fat. And what was even more interesting- the locals all loved it! We watched as they lathered it on big hunks of bread and then topped the lard with a spoonful of sugar.


But other than that the food was great!

Below- Yummy Polish dishes! Gołąbki (cabbage rolls filled with meat and rice), pierogis, and a delish chicken "pancake".

The unexpectedness did not end with the meal. We checked in to our hotel which has now won the award for "Most Random Hotel Room Ever".

See below that the "sitting room" has both a piano and a massaging chair. There were also a few china cabinets with crystal cups and other items one might place into a china cabinet found in a hotel room.

The bedroom was behind this room, enclosed by cardboard partitions. But other than an odd smell it was clean and we woke to a yummy breakfast. (Travel tip- take travel candle and matches. Helps more than you'd think!)

The next day we went to the city of Wroclaw and looked about. We didn't take any pictures... but it wasn't a very nice place. The tour books can be very deceiving at times.

So, Poland- check.

How `bout that Italian pottery??


Ash said...

Looks like an awesome trip! I really can't wait to make my way over there.

By the way, people here also used to eat lard on bread all the time, before processed margarin. That's what Grandma told me once. :)

Karuna said...

very awesome :)

Sarah said...

Love "Blood Bath and Beyond"...definitely going to have to steal that. ;)

svetosila said...

I love pottery, so I can appreciate your idea. And this idea of a pottery expedition is great.