Thursday, June 19, 2008


"Lost". Good show. Especially the first few seasons- can't say much about the rest since I haven't seen them!

I just watched an episode where "Hurley", the coolest guy by FAR on the show, has a crush on "Libby", a maybe-psycho-girl who is pretending to be a psychologist (but then she dies and we will never know...). Anyways, Hurley struggles with being overweight even after being stranded on an island for months, mainly because he stole food for a private stash and hid it in the jungle. He tearfully confesses this to Libby, who goes with him to the stash and helps him pour out everything so that he won't be tempted by it. (A little strange considering there are other hungry people around… eh.) AS SOON AS THIS HAPPENS, there is an air-drop of a ton MORE food from seemingly nowhere. Libby jokes that the island doesn't want him to succeed in losing weight.

Um, am I on that freaking island? Seriously. Take today for example… I come in to work planning on a banana for breakfast and maybe some cottage cheese. Then one wholesaler comes in with five buckets of bagels and cream cheese, then another wholesaler brings in "duffy rolls"- almost like a crispy cinnamon roll. (OH I AM NOT DONE…) Then there is leftover cake in the fridge, and another wholesaler brings in KFC for lunch- plus my boss offers to buy me a snack downstairs at our café. Luckily I didn’t eat that stuff- other than the snack from the café- but that was only because I felt so guilty about the dinner I had last night.

Ack. Maybe life is a constant "when-you-feel-strong-watch-out-there's-a-trap!" I'd really like to get off this rollercoaster… and I am trying. Any advice?

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bec said...

i love lost, and i love food.