Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump Day Thoughts

A few little thoughts for you while I am sitting here at work waiting to go home again.


Give it up for everyone's favorite, public humiliation. One of the most humiliating things EVER happened to me yesterday. In fact it was so bad that I am not even going to tell you all what happened. I told Alex, and maybe Ashlie via secure email. Anyway, maybe I filled my quota for the year. Here's hoping.


(See Utube for video) Giving blood has always been easy- up til today. I started sweating SO much it was like I had ran about 3 miles. I was covered! Apparently I had low blood pressure after they finished draining my life-juice, so I had to lay down and drink juice. What a wimp. At least I got a REALLY cool tee-shirt for FREE! Aren't you jealous?


And on another note, clients/people at work sometimes RAISE my blood pressure. I made a few pictures for you to see how I relieve my stress when I could punch someone in the face. Enjoy.
(PS in case you are slow, thats me eating and spraying clients with fire.)


Anonymous said...

Having fun reading of your blog.

berto xxx

Ash said...

Awesome really convey your feelings well.

Laura said...

well, if you ever decide to get out of you current line of work I think you have a great chance as an artist, hope life is going well

bec said...

i concur with laura