Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Memory foam... I have a layer of this on my bed and I have to say... I'm hooked! It's so comfortable that I have trouble getting out of bed on most days. But as I was lying in bed last night, just thinking about how much I love my bed... it occurred to me... "Why is it called 'memory foam'?"

When you put pressure on it- it sinks in to accommodate whatever form is on it, but as soon as the pressure is released, it goes right back into shape. Shouldn't it be called 'FOREGETFUL foam'?

Lapse in judgment regarding the name aside… I googled memory foam this morning and found this little tidbit.

"So how does it work? Why is it called memory foam? Well, the foam in the mattress will absorb your body heat and mold itself to your body shape giving you support exactly where you need it. It's also ideal for couples, especially if one partner is much larger as it supports you both individually so no more rolling into those valleys!"

****Just in case anyone is sleeping with an elephant in their bed, memory foam might be a good idea. :O)


Laura said...

I have been sleeping pretty awefully since I started sharing a bed. Maybe memory phoam is what I need. Also I think all f words should be spelled with ph and we should just eliminate the letter F hows life? where are you residing at now? Miss you

bec said...

i saw memory foam in the store and thought of you.

it was SO EXPENSIVE though. i don't remember how much (forgetful foam, you're right) but srsly it was so much i wasn't sure i would ever be able to own some!

Ash said...

I married into a king-sized memory phome (props to Laura there) bed, which is truly the Best Thing Ever. And yes, it IS phorgetphul phome, until you come home one phrigid winter night when the heater is turned way low - that stuphph phreezes, and you now have to sleep on a solid block of ice that truly remembers your shape. That's the one drawback.

Anonymous said...

I love my memory phoam, expect I get too hot in it. Have you been to this site?
It's really cool.