Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Would You Like Some Whine With Your Cheese?

A recent introspection has left me feeling a little sad because I have found myself focusing on the negative things in my life… which ultimately has brought my spirit down. It's like I said to Alex yesterday…

"Owwww" -Me

"What's wrong?" –Alex

"My soul hurts from being at work all day." –Me

Being overly dramatic aside… I am HAPPY. So here is to focusing on the good things… the things that make it worth going through the tough stuff.

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bec said...

first of all, the title of this entry is funny because the other day, a friend attempted to burn my sister with that same phrase. however, he got mixed up and started with 'would you like some wine...' it was funny :)

i am sorry i didn't end up having enough time to get over to see you. it would have been so lovely to catch up! are you still thinking about coming to ks?

also, i tried to be blog friends with your funny friend but i don't have access to her blog! halp!!