Monday, January 26, 2009



So I need to blog again. I know. Bein lazy. This is what comes of my unemployment.

Not a lot going on here. Trying to find a job. Last week I went to a few classes on post about finding a job and went to a few "interviews"- so now I'm hoping for some emails/phone calls for more. This has been pretty entertaining, though, watching some of the other spouses look for work. One had on a shorter shirt with knee-length hooker boots, and one had really tight jeans that were low enough to show her thong. So classy. And I was worried about being overdressed. Hehe.

Trent and I decided to look up running trails and see if we could find some new ones. We were very excited to find an 13.1 mile track around the lake- promising it was great for mountian bikers. So we got ready for a little hike and set out to find the trailhead. BUT... no. It just meant you could run/bike ON THE FLIPPIN ROAD around the lake. No trail. And really, nothing great for mountain bikers. I want to know who decided they could put streets on the Ft. Rucker website as running trails. So we went back to really THE ONLY TRAIL on post and went for a little "nature walk" as neither one of us was really up for a run. We found some great fungi growing on trees, mushrooms, and elderberries. But while we were riveted on the scenery, we got to talking. What does "state of the art" mean? I have wondered this before and looked it up but then I forgot. So here you all go. Meaning.

Don't you just love to Google search?


Ash said...

"...and your father smelt...of ELDERBERRIES!"

That's one state of the art quote right there.

bec said...

the midwest is an adjustment. yes it is.

oh, and no matter what anyone says, colorado is not the midwest. i'm pretty sure you already agree with that though :)