Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year, New State

So. Alabama.

After moving here a month ago- I still don't really know how I feel about this place in general. I mean, it can't really compare to Colorado. No microbrews, no mountains, high humidity... but all of that aside there are some interesting points here.

*Interesting names for towns. (i.e. Opp, Sweet Gum Head, etc.)

*Interesting store names. (i.e. Gitty Up`N`Go, Piggly Wiggly... and YES we have one. Ha.)

*Lots of lawn ornamentation. LOTS.

*Good BBQ

*Limited ways to spend $$$$ (Good for saving...)

*Different roadkill. Oppossums, mainly. Still holding out to see an armadillo- aparently they are everywhere, sneaky little turds. (GRRR!)

*GREAT mullet hunting and draft picks in any store, preferrably Wal-Mart since it has a high concentration of people at all times.

So all that being said- jury is still out.

Impress me, ALABAMA.


californiameaghan said...

my mom and grandparents are from alabama. interesting place and definitely different from colorado! ah life in the south! hope things are great with you - congratulations on your marriage!

bec said...

sounds like an adventure, han! i myself could do without one more summer in the humid midwest, but you do point out some positives about the area. sweet gum head is probably my favorite of the positives.