Thursday, March 12, 2009

Victory, Inflation, and Snow

1. Victory is mine!!!!

So we have a 5k coming up this weekend on post- which I and my husband are running together. I have been preparing for it- so we have been going on runs in the evenings together around Beaver Lake. Yesterday, we decided to ALSO take our fishing gear with us, so that if we finished running early, we could practice casting.

(Below, me, practicing casting with my brand new rod and reel!)

I ended up running 3.5 miles, then catching TWO crappies!!!!! (Pic of crappie below)

I felt like a million bucks after that. The high from running and catching fish!! Well, it was awesome. I'm not bragging- I owe all of this to my husband who is helping me reach my goals fitness-wise and teaching me all about fishing. He really is the amazing one.

This DID however have its drawbacks. See pic below... MY leg covered in 15 bug bites. That's ONLY the right lower leg. Not to mention the ones on my other leg, arms, back, elbows, and hands. I ITCH EVERYWHERE!!!!! ACCCHHHHHHHH! (If I were smart, I would've remembered that mosquitoes down here are the size of small birds AND NEVER GO WITHOUT BUG SPRAY!)

2. Inflation.

THIS happened less than 20 miles from our house. It makes me worried. I was less impacted by this than many people from AL. And I wonder, am I less impacted because this is just a temporary residence? Colorado was hit pretty hard by similar things and those hit very close to home. Or is it because I see things like this happen and I am USED to it? It seems like horrific things are getting more and more out-of-control, like these things are growing with some sort of inflation. I think about this often, as someone who might have children in the next few years. What sort of world am I going to bring children into? Don't get me wrong, I want them to be challenged, to grow and learn- but not be nonchalant when a gunman murders dozens of people. Maybe it is inflation of horror. Maybe the media has more access now than it did before. Maybe it will get better.

All I know is- better not put your hope in anything but God.

3. SNOW!!!

It snowed in southern AL!!! And I caught this pic to prove it. It may have not lasted long, but it reminded me of home and of winter. I do miss Colorado.


Ash said...

Good luck in the 5K! Makes me feel like a sloth.

Yay on the crappies! I'm jealous, because we have no boat with which to crappie hunt.

Boo on inflation. I'd better not start on that.

Yay for snow on a general basis, but it's freaking March.

Don and Amanda said...

Woohoo for you you & your running! I wish that I could do that! Don says I can but....I am not too sure about it! haha Great work! And with the fish too! That's awesome!

Sad to know that scary & terrible things can happen anywhere at almost any time, no matter where you are in the world. I think it must have always been this way, but that doesn't make it any less scary. You be careful...

I heard about the snow! And I paid special attention to it since it happened right as Don was starting Ranger School! He wrote in a letter that their Water Survival Course was especially fun because of the weather ;)