Thursday, March 19, 2009


In my previous post you may have noticed my leg covered in bites. Well, those are still there and now due to another fishing trip I have many more red bumps covering my body.

This time, however, I came prepared. I bought a repellent at WallyWorld that was made right here in `Bama. (Should have known... bah.) For some reason I picked the one without a sprayer under the cap, so before fishing I took the top off and slathered the "please-don't-bite-me" juice all over.

So why do mosquitoes bite me? Well, other than this article pointing out that "I just have the wrong blood type" I have another suggestion. It's a conspiracy.

Mosquito: "Hey fishy, fishy!"

Fish: "Yes?" "Blubb"

M: "Know that tasty type O that comes around here sometimes to try to catch you?"

F: "Yeah, bluuubbb, I hate that."

M: "Well, she does put you back in the lake after she catches you- but doesn't it make you frustrated when you think you are getting a meal but its in fact a lure?"

F: "Yes! Bluubbubub. That ticks me off!"

M: "Want to get back at her?"

F: "Yes!"


M: "Well, keep biting on her line- since she loves catching you so much. Then I will come in and me `n my buddies will have a tasty feast every time she comes- therefore making her life miserable and scratchy. We BOTH win!"

F: "I love it! It's so evil it just might work!!"


Well know what? GAME ON. I'm not intimidated by your evil plans. Ha.

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