Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stateism and Gators


definition according to ME:
1. Believing one state is superior to another.
2. Prejudices against particular states.

I have it. I'm trying not to. I realize there are many good things and bad things about each state. For instance, Alabama. Mobile is pretty nice. And so is Gulf Shores. BUT...

It really DOES seem like every time I think it's "going to be ok here" something crazy happens. Here is the most recent "for instance".

(You have to imagine this in your BEST deep south accent, okay?)

Enter Hannah to Wal-Mart. Walking through produce, thinking to herself about the items she needs. She overhears a conversation between two women in said produce aisle.

Woman 1: "What is THAT?!?"
Woman 2: "Why, I think that's soy sauce!"
W 1: "In the produce section? That don't make no sense!"
W 2: "No it don't. And look- the name on it says 'POM'. That's no name for soy sauce..."
W 1: "Funny. Wonder why Wal-Mart's puttin that thar."

This really happened. And in case you didn't pick up on what they were talking about- it was Pom- Pomegranate juice. Awesome.

I really am not trying to make this blog ONLY about why you SHOULDN'T live here- but there are just so many good stories...


I saw my first one this weekend in Lake Eufala! We were pretty close- it sunk into the water and swam off when we got too close in the boat, but still really neat. Look- see? Caught it on camera.

Ok- that's all for now.

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Don and Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, the Wal-Mart story is so easy for me to believe! Oklahoma showed me some very similar experiences :) We were spoiled to grow up in Colorado!!!