Friday, April 3, 2009

Back in the Saddle, Again...

So, back in the saddle again. I have a job- basically doing the same thing I used to at UBS just now at Jones. There are a few differences, however...

-all the free pop I can drink
-a lot more client interaction
-a lot less $$$

But a job is a job, and in this area I am really lucky to have found something in my "field". I also might have some great stories to share- there are quite a few characters in this town.

In other news... my face is almost done peeling. We went to an air show in Florida last weekend and I really underestimated how much sunscreen I would need. So- when I got home I looked like a clown. My face was all red except for the parts around my eyes where my sunglasses covered. Thank GOODNESS for makeup!!

***It also turns out Trent learned that the sunglasses industry isn't regulated- they can put "100% UV protection" on just about anything. The areomed guys said it costs about $50-$60 at least to really put the complete protection ON the lens. Great. I feel VERY lied to- thinking my eyes were protected all this time. (I always buy very cheap ones...)

The air show turned out great- here is a picture of the Heritage run. A WWII fighter, one from Nam, and two modern-day fighters flying in formation.

It was really worth going to- and since it was free we even spent some money on the cheap/gross nachos and hot dogs. :O)

BUT... on the way home I got a speeding ticket. I SAW the cop sitting there and didn't slow down because I was convinced I was going the speed limit. Turns out the limit went from 55 to 45 for just long enough to create a speedTRAP. The 55 speed limit sign was right in front of my car when I was receiving my citation. Grrrr. The only semi-ok thing about getting a speeding ticket was that I can pay the fee and take an online drivers class to avoid the points going on my license. I enrolled for a class called "Improv Traffic Class". Its supposed to be a "fun" way to learn how to be a better driver.

Listen- traffic people- you can take your "traffic class" and dress it up with skits from comedians, but I'm not fooled. It's still TRAFFIC CLASS. Bah.

**** To end on a good note- Diet Rite Tangerine and White Grape pop- DELISH! Who'd have known?

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