Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's the time?

"Diaper time!!!!" (Anyone know what that's from???)
Well, no. Not really diaper time... but time for Hannah to actually POST something to her blog. I'm gonna tell you now, not the best post. But something is something. So there.
"Millions of peaches, peaches for me. Millions of peaches, peaches for free."
Literally. We have a client in town with a LOT of peaches. So... a ton of free peaches? Besides a refreshing summer drink- I made a pie!! And a cobbler, but that didn't turn out really. See picture below. FIRST pie as a wife. Well, other than pumpkin pie- which really anyone can do. So, first REAL pie. Ta da!
(Trent said one of his best tasting pies. I'd agree- but then again I DID grow up in a very pie-less home.)
See very cheesey expression. I do this well. FYI.

And just for laughs... see very `BAMA truck below. Nice confederate flag... hmmm. Also very nice bumper sticker proclaiming the love of farting. How nice. Which the world was full of more people like this gentleman. Oh wait. No- that was a lie...

More to come when I get my act together and can blog about a decent subject. Any ideas? Thoughts?


Don and Amanda said...

Good work on the pie! And Mmm peach cobbler sounds good! ...not sure what to think about the truck, except that I know my sister would LOVE this picture! I'm sending her the link! haha

Ash said...

Nice on the pie. Looks *almost* a good as one of mine, but good for a first try. Maybe one day you'll aspire to be a Pie Queen such as myself.

And you guys need that bumper sticker.