Saturday, September 26, 2009

Adding to the family...

So, we have a new addition!! Bosco Elwood, or Bosco, joined us the beginning of September. He is already growing- our last vet visit was 15 pounds. Before we know it he is going to be quite a large dog, so we are doing our best to train him now. Still on the short attention span side... but it's never too early.

AND, we got him a turducken to play with! Well, actually a chicken toy, a duck toy, and a turkey toy. The circle is complete. He loves the heck out of those toys. When we came home from getting the turkey toy I acted like it was MY chew-toy, but Bosco started to take it from me right away. Apparently, he doesn't think anyone else should get chew-toys. Hmm.

We have high hopes for the little guy. :o)


bec said...

i love him! wish gabe and him could be friends.

Ash said... nephewpuppy.

californiameaghan said...

super cute!!!

Anonymous said...

My granddog! Should I say he looks like my son? I think not!

The attention span--about one second per pound for about 6 months.