Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Lord has heard our pleas... cooler weather returns to the South!! Amen.

Yes- the weather is becoming nice once again. This morning at the park Trent and I could close our eyes and almost imagine we were in Colorado... getting ready for the incline and some huevos rancheros. **Sigh**.

MY big news... Trent and I ran 30 miles this week! Woohoo! I don't know what prompted the total- and it was a bit hard to get the miles in- but we did it! On Friday, though, we ate at a critically-aclaimed Thai restaurant for lunch. You know, giving it a shot. It was ok... but I decided upon leaving that I didn't care to ever go back. After a few hours we went running (needed to make the 30)- which was a HUGE mistake. Not even a mile in to the woods my chest started hurting SO bad it felt like a knife was stuck in my sternum. I'd stop, breathe, cry, and keep going (I had NOT wanted to have to run again that day...). Needless to say it was the worst run ever. And even though other people on the trail saw me crying, bent over, NOT ONE PERSON stopped to ask me if I was ok. Maybe they see this thing all the time? That's not very nice, in my opinion. But I made it. After a few Tums and a glass of milk I was fine, other than the wounded pride. I don't think I have ever had acid that bad... I can't even remember the last time I needed Tums!! It really hadn't felt like indigestion, but I guess that painful sensation happens to some people.

*****Don't eat at Toi's Touch of Thai. Yuck!*****

Now Bosco's news. We took him to Eufala this weeked for a lunch BBQ. We thought we'd save the boat for later... just try to get him used to swimming. He had no problem, however! He made straight for the lake and went on in- swimming and playing fetch for a few hours. He was so tired when we got him home, and he was passed out way before bedtime. Silly puppy. Next time we will take the boat... Bosco couldn't help going to make friends with everyone else who was there to BBQ as well. :)

*****See below, he apparently has to coat himself in sand and waller around on the beach before swimming again.******

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bec said...

the shot of little b rolling in the sand is SOOO gabe. i wish they could be buddies!