Friday, April 30, 2010


That's all I have to say for now.

I will try to post more blogs, but after working or doing classwork online all day I really don't have the energy to blog. I know, lame.

I HAVE had a lot to blog about. So, quick recap of blogs I should be writing....

1. Radio is CRAP here. On Mondays listeners can call in and give 3 words to describe their weekend. UGH! They then go on and on about why they picked the three words... enough to make you sick on the way to work. WHO CARES???? I don't know you people. I DON'T CARE about your weekend. Hey WKMX radio- please come up with something interesting for a morning talk show! Thanks.

2. Moving to Germany. Will not make it in time for old college friend's wedding.:( Going to start learning German once finals are over. Woohoo!

3. Bosco is KING of dog park. By far most people's fav regular. ;) Or at least top 5.

4. Class is hard. Accounting is going to kill me.

5. I got a $0.39 raise at work. So I gave EJ a not-so-great review on the survey for Best Places to Work in Alabama. Ha. Take that, EJ. Too qualified for this job I can't keep my licenses but can't get a decent salary?

That's all. Maybe I'll write a better blog in a few weeks.

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