Monday, May 23, 2011


I think there comes a time when a blog needs to talk about some sauce. Saucy!!

So this past weekend we came home from a long bike ride to a pretty empty fridge. There were a few frozen shrimp entrees- so we nuked one and dove in. Needless to say, the little shrimpy entree wasn't REALLY what we had been expecting.

Enter awesomeness. In the form of hot sauce. It redeemed the entire evening.

"Rooster Sauce" is most amazing. It really does taste good on all Asian food (including sushi!) and a variety of other foods- even pizza!

(See link to humorous blog about said sauce!)

The next noteworthy sauce comes from a previous blog post of mine. Introduced to me by a former boss- this "Bottled Up Anger" is no joke! Good on veggies, rice dishes... even on your finger when you are passing by the fridge and need a little spiceyness! (Don't judge.)

This green chili sauce is the savior of weekend breakfasts. Can you say Huevos Rancheros?!? Since it is not for sale in European commissaries we rely on family in the US for our supply. (God bless them!!)

All you need is some eggs, tortillas, cheese, chorizo, and this 'heaven-in-a-jar'. Maybe a few jalapenos for good measure.

Last but not least- Cholula while you hula! This is best kept at places of employment in large containers- work lunches often need a little help. Thanks for this useful advice Greg!

SIDE NOTE: You Tabasco peeps need to quit your commonplace sauce. Tabasco is only acceptable for raw oysters... and even then it isn't the cat's meow. Give it up. If you HAVE to have your Tabasco- use the Chipotle. Otherwise you don't deserve to be called a connoisseur of sauce!!


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