Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ODE to Pumpkin

Oh Pumpkin. Orange and round.

My very favorite kind of pie-

You turn my frowns upside down,

And bring a tear to my eye.

And with a mountain of whipped cream,

You are a yummy treat,

In my coffee you are a dream-

The only fruit I want to eat.

(You make the holidays complete!)

**** Oh, no- you are thinking I am unaware of how retarded I am. Nope, I know.

*******Pumpkin being a fruit... isn't that funny?

********* There are very few words that rhyme with "coffee", "yummy", or "tasty". And some very harsh words that rhyme with "pie".


Ash said...

This is the best poem about pumkins I've ever read on a Thursday afternoon when the sun was shining while wearing my Chiefs sweatshirt.

Ash said...


Han said...

Hehe. I like "Pumkins" better.

mominmo said...

Now, that's a poem. Think I can have a copy to share with my jr high kids?