Friday, November 7, 2008

Things You Will Be Able To Afford This Holiday Season...

One of the things I will really miss about Colorado is not having Channel 93.3 around to listen to.

I love the music- and love the DJ's. One of the DJ's- Nerf- has an "LOL at 5", and it is replayed during the day so in case you can't listen in at 5- you still get a little somethin funny. The latest one was "Things You Will Be Able to Afford This Holiday Season..."

(In a dramatic voice)

1. Generic Ramen
2. Leaves!
3. A Tic Tac
4. The Jake Plummer jersey
5. Rockies season tickets for 2009
6. Creed, greatest hits- volume one AND two

Hahaha… oh dear.


Laura said...

Where are you moving to?
love laura

bec said...

haha i like that station too! but alas, i have had to move on.

when are you moving?