Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ah sushi

I love sushi. At some point I really want to go to Japan- see the cherry blossoms, climb those beautiful mountains, sit by the ocean, but mostly- taste the original stuff fresh from the hands of the experts and the bounty of the sea. That being said- I am NOT a fan of the "sushi restaurant".

I went to one last night for example, in the tech center where I work and live. It's supposed to be a very nice restaurant- after all it's in a very "nice" part of town. (Don't get me started on how much I hate this area sometimes and those uppity richies who live here….) So my friend Carmen goes to use the restroom and comes back to tell us that either there is a large beetle on the floor in there or someone couldn’t wait to get to the toilet. EWWWWWWWW! Either way- know what I'm saying? So I go "have a look". It's not as bad as I was expecting, but looks like a black trash bag stuffed with rice or some white substance, blocking the drain on the floor. ?????? Anyone? Bueller?

If they charge so much for us to eat there you'd think they could keep the bathrooms clear of "black piles" of mystery.

Oh and the music they play at these places drives me nuts as well. Not a fan of Asian boy-girl-bands.

But one tasty thing to mention- jalape├▒os in sushi is a GREAT idea- try it if you are the adventuresome type- its my new favorite!

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Ash said...

About time you updated, lazy ass! Nice post...bad sushi. I think it tastes like old socks.

Wonder what the mystery pile was??? Everybody Wang Chung tonight...