Monday, April 28, 2008

The Oracle of Starbucks

Thanks Bec for passing along this website- now I have HUGE self-esteem and I feel so encouraged. (sarcasm?)

Basically, if you go to this website and type in your typical drink order, it analyzes your personality and 'tells it like it is'. I wasn't a huge fan of Starbucks anyway- but now I think I'll be less inclined to frequent this establishment...

My drink was an iced skinny sugar-free latte- here is what it thinks of me.

Behold the Oracle's wisdom:

Personality type: Fat
You're always worrying about your weight. That's because you're fat. You're constantly whining about problems that are your own fault. You are a total pain in the ass.

Also drinks: Diet RC Cola

Can also be found: On Jerry Springer

(Folks- I would never be on Springer, that's just mean...)


Sarah said... least we haven't changed our sexual orientation several times in the last year like Becca...

bec said...

ohh my gosh! what a mean oracle.

i like how they refer to your PERSONALITY as fat though. maybe ph phat? or fat because it's so big and wonderful.

look at you, posting this like a champ and playing along with the game. just one of the reasons i love you, han.

Casi The GREAT said...

hahahahhaha that's amazing. RC Cola. By the way Hannah... I have to tell you something and i need to take you on the Jerry Springer show to let it out. Never say never.

Casi The GREAT said...

Here's what mine said, you be the judge it's accurate for the most part except some things hahaha:

Personality type: Hippie

In addition to being a hippie, you are a hypochondriac and a health nut. You secretly think that your insistence on only consuming all-natural products is because you're so intelligent and well-informed; it's actually because you're a sucker. You've dabbled in Wicca or other pseudo-religions that attract morons and have changed your sexual orientation a few times this year. You probably live in California. Everyone who drinks grande soy carmel macchiato should be forced to eat a McDonald's bacon cheeseburger.

Also drinks: Beverages with lots of marketing that says they're herbal and organic
Can also be found at: Whole Foods, indoor rock climbing facilities

Sarah said...

lol. what a mess. i got lame. haha!

and nope, peace corps takes care of it all...amazing eh? i might need the occasional chocolate and a good word in English to sustain me. :)